If I told you I missed you, would you care? If I told you I couldn't live without you, would you be there? If I told you I could be your everything, would you give me a chance? If I told you I could make you happy, would you give me the perfect romance? If I told you you're the only one I think about, would you keep track? If I told you I loved you...would you love me back?


True Love - My grandparent' Promise

My heart completely melted while reading "My grandparents' promise", March 2013 Readers Digest.
How many couples can say they have spent a lifetime together? They were 92 an 95, respectively, and had celebrated 70 years of marriage and 76 years as a couple. The writer's grandmother Irene and grandfather Frank passed away last year.
Irene's quotes ."When you find something good you don't want to let it go."
The writer (grandchildren) asked them, "How have you done it?" "How have you loved each other for 76 years? That's a lifetime."
Irene smiled, "Well, we got married and we made promise."

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anchit kawaatra said...

Hey.. it was really touching! I kinda dont believe in love, but still sometimes in life you come across some stories which change your line of thinking for a moment! :D

Elvyra Mait said...

‹3 ‹3 :)

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