If I told you I missed you, would you care? If I told you I couldn't live without you, would you be there? If I told you I could be your everything, would you give me a chance? If I told you I could make you happy, would you give me the perfect romance? If I told you you're the only one I think about, would you keep track? If I told you I loved you...would you love me back?


20 June 2012

29 April to 20 June 2012..
I am proud of myself. To spend over a month in BPBH for GEMS program is not an easy thing for me. 

I have learned so many things here in GEMS. Meet new people, make new friends and also I learned to work with them. *and also learn to speak in English language, sori la kalau ayat tunggang tebalik dan grammar xbetul..saya budak baru belajar..kekeke*

One of my  biggest weaknesses is I was afraid (super duper takut dan malu) to stand in front of people. GEMS taught me to overcome my weaknesses and change the weaknesses to become my strength. Rasa macam I'm not the same person lagi. Now I feel more confident and can stand in front of people *masih malu tapi tidak mcm sebelum ni*. Tapi still I have problem with my English (speaking adn writing skill). Oh my English! It's OK and it's alright kan.. Masih ada masa mau improve kan. :P

Be proud of yourself. You have to first believe in yourself for others to believe in you! Life is not always about succeeding, there will be failures along the way. We all know that.. Just because you don't succeed the first time doesn't mean that you should give up. Keep going until you make it where you want to be.

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